CSIP Summary document

Andrew Russell

CSIP Summary Document

A Summary of the Convective Storm Initiation Project Intensive Observation Periods


A major aim of CSIP is to compare the results of the ne-resolution Met Office weather forecasting model with detailed observations of the early stages of convective clouds and to use the newly gained understanding to improve the predictions of the model.

This documents provides a summary of the synoptic conditions during the 18 CSIP Intensive Observation periods as well as a brief description of the development of convection on that day.

A summary of the instruments operating on each day, including the times and locations of all the radiosondes launched, is also included.

Finally, there is a brief assessment of the performance of the 12, 4 and 1 km Met Office Mesoscale Models.

Full Reference

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You can download a copy from the Met Office website, along with other Forecasting reports, here.

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