Andrew Russell: weather and climate scientist

Public Engagement

TV and press

On the One Show Uxbridge Gazette (12/1/2011): feature on cold winter on of 2010/11 based on an interview with me, article on my blog.

E&T Education (Spring 2011): interview for "Researchers in the classromm" not online yet.

BBC Wild Weather (20/9/2010): spoke about rainfall patterns on regional programme in the North-West on BBC1 and wrote some bits for their website. More info.

Physics World (11/3/2010) comment on the Institute of Physics' submission to the House of Commons S&TC about UEA: here.

The Guardian (5/3/2010) comment on the Institute of Physics' submission to the House of Commons S&TC about UEA: here.

NERC's Planet Earth podcast (11/1/2010) talking about my research on storms: here.

Newsround (15/12/2009) on the Copenhagen climate summit: here.

R4's Leading Edge (10/9/2009) talking about Perspectives, British Science Festival 2009: here.

The One Show (4/8/2009) talking about tornados: here.

"Good to meet you" column in the Guardian (14/6/2008): here.

Letter in the Guardian (13/5/2008) on how careers in science and engineering are meritocratic: here.

Letter in the Guardian (6/5/2008) on Nigel Lawson's views on climate change: here.

Contribution to a Sense About Science publication about writing to newspapers: here.

Profiled in the South Manchester Reporter: here.

My 2009 Manchester Science Festival project also got a bit of coverage...

Manchester Science Festival - Does it rain more at the weekend?

Me on Channel M and North West Tonight! I organised a project for MSF09 looking at rain. I got some people around Manchester involved by taking their own rainfall measurements and thinking about what they mean. Here's the project webpage - Rain project. I also did a little bit of research to back this project up and this was covered quite a bit in the media:

BBC North West Tonight, I was on the sofa talking to Gordon Burns!
Manchester Evening News, this was the page 3 lead article
Guardian Science Weekly podcast, I was the main guest on the podcast
Channel M
Accrington Observer
Daily Express online
Daily Telegraph online
South Manchester Reporter
MEN CityLife
BBC Radio Manchester
BBC Radio Cumbria
Key 103FM
Real Radio


At the Underage music festival NOISE stands for New Outlooks in Science and Engineering and aims to get kids interested in science by showing how much fun science and science careers can be. The main point of contact is the website, here's my NOISEmaker profile, but we also go to science festivals and try and increase our media presence.

Researchers in Residence

RinR Weather Station I did a Researchers in Residence placement in 2009 that involved installing a weather station at a school. I put a lot of work in to planning the sessions I did and had a great time delivering them! I've written a page charting my progress through the placement, which includes a summary document that I produced for the students - RinR.

Famelab and Perspectives 2009

Me at FameLab! I had a go at the Pop Idol-style science communication competition in 2009. I was a wildcard runner-up in the Manchester heat - you can see me drawing on a T-shirt and saying something like "really focus on the fundamental aspects" in this video. I also entered a poster competition held at the British Science Festival in Guilford in 2009. The idea is to look at the impacts of my work on society, here's a pdf of my poster.

Public Lectures and Cafe Scientifique

IoP teacher's conference "Climate change 'scepticism'", Manchester Skeptics in the Pub (May 2010), Winchester Skeptics in the Pub (July 2010) and Brighton Skeptics in the Pub (September 2010)
"Using meteorology as an example of real world physics", Institute of Physics teacher's conference, June 2009
"Clouds and Atmospheric Optical Phenomena", West Didsbury Astronomical Society, Feb 2008
"Climate Change and Public Health", Basel Cafe Scientifique, March 2007
"Climate Change and Public Health", Geneva Cafe Scientifique, March 2007
"The fundamentals of cloud formation", RMetS North-West local centre, Feb 2007

Royal Meteorological Society

RMetS logo I used to be the chairman of the North-West local centre of the Royal Meteorological Society but for information on events get in touch with Geraint Vaughan or Hugo Ricketts. I also used to sit on the national RMetS Meetings Committee and am still an RMetS Fellow and an ambassador. Finally, I am an Associate Editor of the RMetS journal Atmospheric Science Letters, see here for more info on ASL.

Web engagement

I write a blog looking at anything to do with weather and climate:
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