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My current work place:
Brunel University
Institute for the Environment
My page

My previous employer, The University of Manchester.
University of Manchester
See also:
Geraint Vaughan's Page

I am currently working on two major projects, COPS and CSIP, here are the Project Homepages:
See also Cyril Morcrette's work page for more CSIP information:
Cyril's Page

For a little more background and the availability of CSIP data see the BADC CSIP page.

IHOP was the American version that took place in 2002 that was similar to COPS and CSIP.

I did my PhD at The University of Birmingham:
University of Birmingham
See also:
Glenn McGregor's Page (now at KCL)

My PhD research formed part of a larger research group at BAS:
Antarctic Meteorology
Gareth Marshall's Page

Professional Organisations

I've been a member of RMetS for a few years now and am quite active with the north-west local centre. It's well worth the money.
Royal Meteorological Society

The AMS is a much bigger organisation, also very good.
American Meteorological Society

Both the AMS and the RMetS have given me money to attend conferences at various times. I am grateful.

I've also been a member of the IoP for a while too. Their Environmental Physics group is particularly interesting for Meteorologists and Climatologists.
Institute of Physics

EGU don't really provide much for their members but they do lay on one of the largest Geoscience conferences. Their website can be a pain to find anything on though.
European Geosciences Union

Here's a link to the NERC Planet Earth podcast, which I appeared one at one point talking about storms:
NERC Planet Earth podcast

Research Pages is a networking site, like Facebook or Linkedin, for scienctific researchers where you can add details about yourself and projects you work on. There's a bit of a UEA/climatology bias to it at the moment but then it was set up by a climatologist at UEA.
Research Pages

I'm an Associate Editor of Atmospheric Science Letters, which an online journal published by RMetS.

NOISE stands for New Outlooks in Science and Engineering. It's a campaign to get 14-19 year olds more interested in science and engineering and highlight potential careers. I am currently one of their "NOISEmakers".

I also thought I'd mention that the IPCC put their reports on their website, which is well worth knowing as the print version of the Scientific Report is both big and expensive.

RealClimate: this is an interesting blog style site with climate news updates and comment from some interesting people from the field.

My wife's blog which is all about their book.